Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cancer and Massage Therapy....go hand in hand

In early August, I attended a two-day workshop and became certified to offer Oncology Massage. What does this mean? Oncology Massage is more of an understanding of the disease (Cancer) and knowledge on how to treat people who have either been diagnosed, are going through treatment, and/or have gone through and have completed treatments. Working with in their limits, while helping them feel relaxed, pain free and whole again. 

Some of the potential Massage Benefits while someone is going through treatment of cancer: 

* Decrease in pain, nausea and anxiety. 
* Bring greater awareness to the body. 
* Create a sense of empowerment. 
* Moisturizing the skin contributes to its suppleness and helps it stay intact. 

While taking necessary precautions (lighter touch, considering treatment sights due to ports, and/or radiation areas, etc), a "normal" massage session can be offered. 

Please consider working with me, if you or someone you know is going through cancer treatments or has a history of cancer. You can schedule online-or contact the office for more information. 360-627-9241 

*note: While you can schedule a normal session online, I will contact you to set up a consultation. It will be necessary to make sure you receive the most benefit from your sessions. Please also plan on treatment being down over a period of time (4+ sessions). However, flexibility is a requirement. Please note that sessions will vary in length, as it will depend on your body and response to each massage. 

When "i" is replaced by "we"....Even "Illness" can become "Wellness". 

Be Blessed,
Rebecca Shirley